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 Presenting Sara (Lady Magdalene)

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PostSubject: Presenting Sara (Lady Magdalene)   Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:31 am

Presenting Sara (Lady Magdalene)

As spokesman for the mighty OOTIKOF, I hereby deem and declare that the members of the OOTIKOF have considered for inclusion as a fellow Knight, that fairest of maidens - who also wields a mighty fierce sword:

Lady Magdalene, who goes by the addy Sara, joins our ranks with a 100% approval rating of the active current membership - a great honor.

Sara has long been a regular member of numerous forums, and had served as an admin at CosmicOutpost.

Sara also admined at other forums under stealth nics.

She is a horse person, a parrot fancier, and wears floppy hats that color coordinate with her flip-flops.

Sara has been taught the secret handshake, given sacred OOTIKOF oath and Creed, and has been administered upon her person various secret rites and rituals, etc.

Sara's addy has be added to the OOTIKOF membership rolls as Lady Magdalene and to listings on our OOTIKOF websites, enshrined for posterity

As the OOTIKOF - known to be the leading Usenet flame society since 1998 - shall live forever, so shall Lady Magdalene.

Come give a hearty congrats to Lady Magdalene at http://ootikof.net/forum/index.php anytime, or throw some barbs in her direction.
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Presenting Sara (Lady Magdalene)
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